The Manor in the Media 

The Dempsey Manor, here on the spectacular Northwest Coast of Michigan in the Victorian Port City of Manistee, is the restored and lovingly-preserved James Dempsey Mansion., now a living Victorian House Museum. It exists today as an architectural landmark from the 19th century 'gold rush' in lumber, and a historical center.

It is a 'must-see' destination for visitors who seek a glimpse of the life of the wealthy few from those times. The Mansion makes this possible through curated tours of its authentically furnished Victorian interior, as well as by providing luxurious lodging for its privileged Guests.


It is no surprise that the spotlight continues to shine on The Manor in printed media, as well as through radio and television. Enjoyable both as an Inn and as a House Museum, the media continually return to the fascination of The Dempsey for their readers, listeners and viewers.

Visitors to this Website are invited to explore the selection of media coverages provided below.


We, here at The Dempsey, share these as an invitation to you to come and enjoy the treasures of The Dempsey for yourself -- either as a daytime Visitor or, better yet, as an over-night Honored Guest! 

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