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 The Manor in the Media 

The spotlight continues to shine on The Dempsey Manor in print, radio and television media. Documentarians and reporters continually return to the fascination of The Dempsey for their readers, listeners and viewers.

The Dempsey Manor is a 'must-visit' destination for travelers to Michigan's spectacular Northwest Coast.

In this brief one-minute-plus video, enjoy a virtual tour of the landmark 1894 James Dempsey Mansion in Manistee, Michigan. Narrated by CBS's SEAL-Team star, Manistee-born Toni Trucks, her commentary on the history of the home and its current use is informative and entertaining. The facade, executed in the Victorian French Neo-Renaissance Chateauesque style, is the only example of its type on Michigan's West Coast. Produced by the State of Michigan PURE MICHIGAN Campaign.

Enjoy this Slide Presentation - a tour of The Manor through still photography (12 Minutes 54 seconds).


With a Victorian French neo-Renaissance chateauesque-style facade, the James Dempsey Mansion is a landmark lumber baron home on the West Coast of Michigan. It is restored, authentically furnished, and preserved as a 19th century house museum, open for public tours year-round.  The Manor has quickly become a vacation destination-of-choice. It offers barrier-free enjoyment of its opulent 1890s interiors. Visitors booking teas, tours and events enjoy the pleasant fantasy of enjoying the mansion as did the wealthy and privileged few at the turn of the century. 

Paula Jasper and Photojournalist Wyatt VanDuinen take you inside the James Dempsey mansion that now functions as a popular Manistee attraction. MiNews TV CHANNEL 26.

Enjoy a television segment filmed three days before Michigan's popular "Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend" (a four-day spectacle of Victorian-era festivities in classic Dickensonian style!) held in the village of Manistee. Christine Kanerva reports on the 19th century charms, accommodations, decor and food offered by The James Dempsey Manor, a famous landmark mansion which is both a living Victorian House Museum and a very up-scale venue for teas and other events. Not only at Christmas-time but year round, visitors enjoy a trip back to the 1890s as Guests in this authentic, opulent lumber baron home. Hear Emmy-nominated owner, James Colburn, describe this fantasy-for-the-taking many nostalgic and adventurous travelers experience in this storybook home. TV CHANNEL 9&10.

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