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The Breakfast Kitchen...the Heart of the Mansion


Ask anyone, search far and wide ... You won't find a more delicious or raved about meal than the sumptuous breakfast menus served from The Dempsey Manor's kitchen. When our Jan Peterson waves her magic wand - er - spatula about, amazing things happen!


She has no fear of a challenge. At least not here in her domain -- the James Dempsey Mansion kitchen. She meets the culinary challenges only the experienced and imaginative can meet: luscious presentations for the carnivore as well as the vegan, eye-pleasing and mouth-watering creations for all. She takes great joy in taking care of those with dietary restrictions.


Composition isn't important only in painting. Artists of the kitchen place a lot of emphasis on form, balance, color and texture. It's what Jan calls "presentation." She says, "It should taste good even before you eat it. The eyes and the taste buds should work in harmony." She's got it right, don't you think?


Whether you call it verve, style, or flair...Jan has it, consistently. Your palate hasn't experienced anything this exciting and appetizing in a long time. Her recipes may come from the Italian countryside, or maybe the Greek harbor. Or maybe from your grandmother's oven. Variety of cuisine, diversity in fresh ingredients, or the comfort of childhood's favorite memories of tastes and smells are important in her kitchen. 


How do you cook love into food? If it's really good food, you know it's there. Maybe the love comes from the love to cook, the fun of it, the joy of doing. Maybe the love you taste in good food comes from caring for the people you feed; wanting them to be happy, to be surprised, to be pleased. Whatever source, Jan believes it has to be the main ingredient. Our guests are pretty unanimous in feeling it is.

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