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     Hundreds of Honored Guests from around the world have told us that seasoned travelers don't want just a "bed" and a "breakfast" stop along their route. They want to have an authentic, memorable experience  where they have chosen to stay.

Join the growing family of 

 Lumber-Baron James Dempsey's

distinguished 21st century Guests


      The Reviews here, many published elsewhere On-Line from great Guests who became great friends, span the time from our Opening to the present day.

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The Dempsey Manor B&B Inn Experience:

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More than just a place to stay.



Are you drawn to a captivating lodge in a setting that offers

a nostalgic experience of a more graceful, civilized age?

Come, stay at

The Historic 1894 Lumber-Baron  

James Dempsey Mansion,

a living Victorian House Museum.



. . . on Lake Michigan's Northwest Coast

that is, in itself, a unique Travel Destination.



-- immersed in authentic, opulent, curated, museum-quality

furnishings and pampered Victorian service --



Manistee re-creates for you

the intimate experience of life

in a landmark Michigan aristocratic home.

    Warmth, friendship and gracious hospitality made it a privileged honor

to be a 19th century Guest of the Dempsey Family here at The Manor.

The Dempsey Manor --  today --  extends that invitation to you.



Whether for one night or two, a week, or more --


Slip into the pajamas of America's Royalty.



Jose and I had many meaningful conversations. Who would have thought talking to a bird would have been a highlight of our trip at Dempsey Manor!

Call us NOW to Confirm your Stay:

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