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Recreational Amenities

to make your stay even more enjoyable!

You are here in the prettiest Port City on the Northwest Coast of Lake Michigan!  So don't hold back from maximizing your travel experience!  


The Dempsey Manor makes the following Amenities convenient and available at very little cost for you to get the most pleasure during your trip.


Arrange for any of the below by talking with your Host(s), or calling the Office at (616) 802-4588.

For Beach Picnics let us know your choice seven days or more before your arrival.

...More Than Just A Place To Stay!

Bicycling is one of the best ways to get around Manistee, take in the Historic Architecture, discover the beautiful coastline, and get in some exercise.


Daily [Dawn to Dusk] Bicycle Rental                           $15.00  

Half-Day [4 Hour, Between Dawn & Dusk] Rental   $10.00

Beach Kit and Bag . . . ready to go!


Each beach kit includes a light-weight beach bag, a comfy beach mat, a pillow, a #30 sunscreen, a pair of flip-flop sandles, two one-gallon zip-locks for your book and small items, and a liter of bottled water.


Beach Bag Kit Daily Rental...for One Person    $12.00

                                                  ...for Two Persons   $20.00

Beach Umbrella . . . made for the shade!


Our light-weight and colorful umbrellas insure you a safe haven from the sun so you can enjoy more summer hours without the worry of over-exposure.


Beach Umbrella Daily Rental                                 $6.00 

Beach Chair . . . for enjoying all the views water-side!


Our folding beach chairs make both reading and sight-seeing effortless. They come in an over-the- shoulder bag and are made of lightweight canvas and aluminum.


Beach Chair Daily Rental                                           $8.00

Beach Towel . . . a sunbather's necessity!


Our large and thick king-size beach towels are just the ticket for any sun lover's day at the beach.


Beach Towel Daily Rental                                      $4.00

Let The Dempsey Manor crown your day at the Beach with 1 of our 2 Gourmet Picnics for Two . . .

In these busy times, it's hard to find time for each other but we really need to make the effort. 


Picnics are a great way to get outdoors, share some good food and wine and relax! Not to mention spending quality time with a loved one. A Romantic Picnic is a perfect way to do this.


Make your Gourmet Picnic at the Beach selection

when you make Reservations for your Stay...or a minimum of 7 days before your arrival.

Pick a Wine Tasting Picnic Basket for a bit of fun.


Enjoy our collection of several small bottles of complimentary red and white wine, and mellow-out with a generous portion of finger sandwiches - a turkey salad blend of great flavors (celery, onion, tarragon, dill, currants and balsamic-vinegar mayo!).


With some nice stemmed glasses and a cheese platter (including some sundried tomatoes, smoked oysters, olives and crisps), you will cleanse your palate elegantly after each new wine selection.


To finish with a flourish, have some fresh-cut fruit medley to experience the dipping chocolate and thick cream. Yum!


This Picnic Basket will provide you with enough wine and melatonin for a great beach nap after dining!


Remember this is a wine tasting picnic so you don't have to finish the wine. Take the rest home for later.


Wine Tasting Picnic Basket for Two                      $80.00 

Choose our Romantic Feast on the Beach . . . and take all the time you want. The idea of a Romantic Picnic is to spend time together not fussing around with bowls and serving spoons! So we've prepared for you a filling but easy gourmet meal.



Your choice of complimentary Champagne or Wine, or a nice punch or sparkling apple cider.


Try our scrumptious Picnic Antipasto Platter. You'll have a selection of smoked oysters with a variety of crisps, camembert cheese, sundried tomatoes and olives, as well as savory muffins and tartlets


Chicken- and Ham-Salad wraps, baguettes, a Salad Platter consisting of pasta salad with olives and basil pesto.


Sliced fresh fruit with chocolate dipping sauce and thick creamGrapes, so you can feed them one by one to your fair damsel or your knight in shining armor! And your choice of individual mudcakes or caramel tarts!


Romantic Feast on the Beach for Two                          $119.00


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