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Mother's Celebration

Weekend in May   




Where are you taking YOUR Mother to celebrate Mother's Day?


Or, for that matter,   



  • what special plans do you have for the Mom of your kids?

  • or what special plans do you have for your hard-working daughter, sister or niece (with those three toddlers)?

  • or for the grandmother who idolizes you or that special aunt that spoiled you rotten?



Does even one of these precious gals really know how much she is loved and treasured... AND does she ever get the attention she deserves?



Why not do your best...

and this year give the best!



Give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience they'll remember each and every Mother's Day to come...




Bring one - or all of them - for a


Dempsey Manor

Mother's CelebrationWeekend

in May 




1.   Check in Friday afternoon or early evening, and enjoy a Complimentary Wine Hour to recover from your trip and refresh your spirits. While in the hours to come...


2.  Have a great dinner one of the area's many fine restaurants. Sample a new type of cuisine, a fine steak, or a traditional Lake Michigan fresh catch. Return to the Inn for the best night's rest in ages!


3.  Then, on Saturday morning, you'll be served the finest-prepared and tastiest gourmet multiple-course breakfast for an unsurpassed holiday dining experience.

4.  When you lazily rise on a beautiful May Sunday morning (hopefully a day so typical of the NorthWest this time of year), you'll feast on a rich Sunday Breakfast that would put the Dempseys themselves to shame! Exquisite vittles sumptuously presented -- course after course. Bottomless crystal glasses of fresh Mimosas. You may think you can't take another bite...until master-cook Jan arrives at the table with your amazing Breakfast Dessert. We can't spoil her surprise. You have to be here for her to-die-for meal-topper.

5.  After your late morning check-out, Don't Leave! From 2:00m to 4:30pm Sunday afternoon, enjoy

A Sumptious High Tea to crown your Mother's Celebration Weekend.

  • Freshly brewed, imported exotic teas; fresh squeezed lemonade; hand-crafted coffee.

  • A nose-tingling Champagne Punch to complement a varied and yummy full-fare meal.

  • A selection of Gourmet Sandwiches to please any palate.

  • Fresh bakery goods, home-made specialties and confections.

  • Jan's famous fresh-from-the-oven scones.

  • A connoisseur's collection of colorful salads.

  • Creamy parfaits and exotic fruit dishes.

  • A combination of sweet and savory bites, complemented with just the right imported cheeses.

  • Gleaming crystal. Shining porcelain. Sparkling silver.

  • Fabulously laid-out tables. Lace and linen everywhere.

  • Exuberant displays of Spring floral arrangements to surround you with color and fragrance. 


6. And at the end of your celebration Weekend, when you absolutely must be on your way, go with a fancy ribbon-wrapped bag stuffed with delicious hand-crafted sweet and savory goodies to tide you over for the trip home.


What MORE could you do for your special gal or gals?









Book Now


The Mother's Celebration

Weekend in May Package

is available for

a modest $75 additional

to your weekend Confirmed Reservation.


There is limited availability for this Package,

so do Call the Manor's Office now 






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