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Thinking about taking a Picnic Basket along with you?


Treat yourself to a Gourmet Picnic Experience!


Dine outdoors

  • on one of the Northwest's pristine sand beaches;

  • or at the edge of a inland lake;

  • or on a bluff overlooking the magnificent expanse of Lake Michigan;

  • or along the way at a picnic table in the forest, at one of the State's many forest parks!


The Dempsey Manor 

will prepare for you

 The Finest Wicker-Basket Meal 

you have ever tasted --

one you will remember forever! 


Check out the scrumptious selection of

Portable Feasts

exclusively available from

The Dempsey Manor



Experience the hungry travelers' finest

Gourmet Al Fresco Basket Feasts 

(and complimentary wines!)

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