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Celebrate with Special Room Amenities

To Delight, To Surprise, To Make a Matchless Moment!

 ...More Than Just A Place To Stay! 

Are you celebrating a Birthday, an Anniversary, a Honeymoon, a Marriage Proposal, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a New Promotion or Job, a Retirement, the Birth or anticipation of a child, a Surprise Getaway, a Romantic Weekend, or any other Special Occasion?


Let us maximize your Dempsey Manor experience to the full with one or more of our customized Special Room Amenities below!

--- And we'll keep it a surprise if you clue us in when you add one of these special touches! ---

Please make your selection of

Special Room Amenities

when your make Reservations for your Stay...

or by phone [616-802-4588] a minimum of

7 days before your arrival.

A Bouquet of Balloons! . . . says it all in one impactful riot of Colors and Wishes!


What's your special occasion? Let us know and we'll have your appropriately "right on the mark!" bouncing Bouquet in your room before you arrive.


Bouquet of Balloons                                                         $42.50

A Bountiful Assortment of Chocolates & Truffles . . . 

is an extravagant pleasure and a loving gesture. Each of our various one full pound (or more!) assortments will last through your whole stay...and probably beyond!


Lovely Assorted Belgian Chocolates & Truffles                                    $44.00                    

Shades of Love . . . 

To your very special person, a rich, colorful floral bouquet says it all!


The aroma and beauty of an impressive flower arrangement will surpass any words you might have that "this is truly a special occasion." 


Arrangement of Mixed Colors in an Attractive Vase                       $55.00

A Bucket of Ice, Crystal Stemware, an Assortment of Cheeses . . . invite you to an elegantBeginning of your Stay at The Dempsey Manor.



And what would you like to chill in that ice? Compliments of The Manor, you may select a Sparkling non-alcoholic Cider, or a bottle of Chardonnay or Riesling, or perhaps our specialty Dry Champagne.


Bucket of Bubbly with Assorted Cheeses                     $79.00

A Lovely Long-Stemmed Red Rose!

This silent gesture has melted many hearts . . . and no sweetheart is immune.


Say it all -

Thank You... I Am Yours... You Are Forever... 

and always, 

I Love You.

Single Long-Stemmed Rose in Vase                                $29.00

When you call [616-802-4588] to book your Stay with us...just tell us what

Special Room Amenities you'd like to add -- and we'll take care of everything!

Prefer to Book your Reservation with us On-Line first?

Just click here: "Book Reservations On-Line,"

Then call us to add your selection of Special Room Amenities:   616-802-4588


Add your selection of Special Room Amenities On-Line  by clicking here:


Special Room Amenities

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