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                 Activities And Events

Dempsey Manor has partnered with the Manistee County Visitors Bureau to guarantee you full access to all activities and events the area has to offer. Not only exciting and worthwhile, but Manistee is blessed with year-round attractions that make a stay in any season a time of discovery.

The Visitors Bureau website is:


and you will enjoy their complete area brochure detailing the dates and venues for all the special events for this year located here:

Manistee County Visitor's Guide for This Year


A scrolling day-by-day Calendar with each and every event for the area not only gives you insight on all the opportunities for fun and enjoyment the area has to is the easiest and quickest way to make sure that you don't miss a thing!

Here is the site:

Scrolling Calendar of Activities and Events for Every Day of the Year

Hour by Hour and Day by day!

* * * * * * * *


Special mention must be made of some unique local events: in January and February, Big M Moonlight Cross-country Skiing every full moon in January and February; in May, the town draws folks from everywhere to honor our men in uniform who are feted with a feast and a day's deep-water fishing in the annual Tight Lines for Troops and Fishing Tournament; in June, the Spirit of the Woods Folk Music Festival; in July, the Manistee National Forest Festival during the area's Fourth of July Independence Weekend Celebration, The Roots on the River Concert Series (which extends through August), and also the fireworks spectacle and parade during the mid-July Bear Lake Days celebration; in August, Manistee's popular Grapes on the River event, the Onekama Days festival and the Manistee County Fair; in September, enjoy lake boating and tasting great craft beers during the annual Hops and Props celebration in Manistee; in October nothing compares to Tours of our spectacular Fall Colors -- a riot of colors you don't see anywhere else. December, no one should miss all the great holiday food and goings-on during Manistee's famous Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend. (Watch the short Video about  Sleighbell Weekend...nothing in the country touches this Christmas kick-off celebration!


Discover Manistee...Discover these short snapshot videos...

Spend a minute in Manistee itself!

(1) Experience the Midwest's Premiere Christmas Festival -- Manistee's Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend -- always the First Weekend (Thursday - Sunday) in December.

(2) Take a second for an aerial as well as interior tour of this Storybook landmark called The Dempsey Manor,

(3) want a glimpse of what's soon to come?...spend a half minute inside the colors of Manistee's Michigan Autumn,

(4) never been to Michigan?'s what you're missing!

Four Seasons to Enjoy, to Explore, to Stay at The Dempsey

Manor B&B!

...More Than Just A Place To Stay!

The Dempsey Manor is open all-year-round to give you overnight access to every holiday, festival, event or celebration regardless of the Season!


Need a few days for a scenic [M22?] road trip, or a golf tour, or a family reunion? The Manor is your HUB and your nightly refuge.


Want to enjoy one of the many multiple-day regional festivals like The Manistee National Forest Festival, the Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend, or the Spirit of the Woods Festival? The Manor is in the thick of them all.                                                                                                                                  

Historic Downtown Manistee offers a variety of great festivities year-round.

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