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Dempsey Manor Policies

Please review this information carefully. Your Booking/Reservation is your acceptance of our policies. A Bed-and-Breakfast Inn provides an environment unlike a commercial hotel/motel facility; it is a Guest-House which functions in a manner according to the policies of the home-owners, and is governed by distinctly separate state guidelines and statutes.  If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let us know before making your Reservation with us.
Please be sure of your travel plans before booking! We are a small, exclusive Inn dealing almost entirely  with advance Reservations from Guests who prefer B&B advantages over commercial facilities. Due to our limited number of Guest Rooms & Suites, and to the personal attention we expend upon our Guests, changes to date-of-arrival, cancellations, and postponements have a profoundly adverse impact upon us, and are costly to Guests. We highly recommend travel insurance for our Guests. For information and rates, contact Travel Guard, Travelex, Travel Safe, Global Travel Insurance or your insurance provider.
Suggestions. The Manor’s Management (your hosts) welcome any suggestions that

will make your current stay even better, and/or enhance the comfort of all of our Guests.
Corporate accounts are welcomed.

Special Needs. Individuals with special needs or disabilities are encouraged to discuss these with us

during the reservation process to insure their comfort and the best possible accommodations are made.

Air Conditioning is provided on the second and third floors only, with individual units in each

Guest Room or Suite. 

Elevator. The Inn is not equipped with a Guest elevator.

Parking is available on the property and along Fifth Street. When parking on-property, use caution to leave driveways open for other Guests and emergency vehicles. Dempsey Manor is not responsible for damage to Guests’ vehicles or loss of contents. Not sure where to park? Ask us!

Security. For Guests’ security, the Manor’s five entrances are locked at all times. Guests may come and go on their own schedules, using the rear entrance located in the Fifth Street driveway. The current keypad access code is provided only to registered Guests when they check in. Guest Rooms and Suites do not have keys. Management suggests any Guests concerned for particular valuables should leave them within their locked vehicle.
Early baggage drop-off. Without a space to hold stored luggage, nor a Staff member to help receive and then be responsible for dropped-off luggage, it is probably in your best interest to keep your bags safely with you until you arrive.
Additional Guests in the same Room. Room rates are based on one or two Guests per Room. Some Rooms and Suites  can accommodate three or four Guests, using daybeds or rollaways. The fee for each additional Guest is $40 per person per night.

Young children regrettably cannot be accommodated, due to the rarity and fragility of The Manor’s museum-quality furnishings.


Pets. We wish we could, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate our Guest(s)’ pets on-property (with the exception of disability-trained service animals). Pet lodging and boarding are available locally. Please note, however, that Dempsey Manor’s residents do include a very friendly cat and an entertaining parrot. Guests are required to advise us of pet sensitivities/allergies at the time of their booking or as far in advance of their arrival as possible. Refunds cannot be made for pet sensitivities/allergies.
Single-night stays. While we wish all of our Guests could spend at least two with us, single-night visits are welcome whenever Rooms are available. A one-night surcharge of $35, or a two-night minimum stay, may apply during busy times.

Registration. Each Guest completes and signs a Registration Card upon arrival; accepting our policies thereby.

Check-in is available from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Because of the time Housekeeping requires to clean and prepare vacated rooms, early check-ins are rarely available. However, if you have a need to arrive earlier than 4:00 pm, call (616) 802-4588 at least one day in advance to see if an early check-in to your Room is possible and can be arranged with Housekeeping. Staff with the responsibility for Guest check-ins conclude their workday at 7:00 pm. In all cases, late check-ins must be arranged in advance, so that we may arrange for someone to open The Manor, greet, and register you. A late-staffing fee of $12 per hour or fraction thereof applies for check-ins after 7:00 pm.

                       Quiet Time is maintained from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. 
                                        Check-out time is 11:00 am. Same-day arrangements for late check-out may be made at an additional half-day rate,                                                            subject to availability of space.
                                           Breakfast, traditionally served in multiple courses, is usually brought to the table at approximately 9:00 a.m., unless                                                           other notice is given. 
                                            Notice of food-allergies, -conditions, or aversions is required to be given to Management by Guest(s) via a phone                                                             call (616-802-4588) or an email (dempseymanor@yahoo.com) upon booking, or immediately by an emailed “reply”                                                             upon receipt of Management’s Confirmation of Reservation email. Such notice from Guest(s) received by The Dempsey                                                     Manor less than 7 days prior to the Guest(s)’ arrival date may not be accommodated. Refunds cannot be made for allergic                                                afflictions of any kind.  
Housekeeping comes and goes, but will try not to invade when you are in your Room. Additional towels, bathing products, hair-dryers, and many other items are available on request. If you are staying for several days and wish other services (fresh sheets, a general Room tidy-up, or attention to some other matter) just call (616) 802-4588.

Hospitality Areas. Enjoy any and all snacks and beverages in the many comfortable Rooms to be found on the first floor.  In the hospitality areas of the Dining Room, a Buffet with an ice machine and a Keurig hot beverage maker provide soft drinks, coffees, and teas. You may also find a posting inviting you to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine as a welcome or as a nightcap at the end of your day. A microwave oven, a refrigerator/freezer, trays, plates and flatware are also provided for your convenience on the First Floor. Guests may bring in their own snack items and soft drinks.
Weather and Other Variables. We realize that life, weather, temperature, humidity, the presence of wildlife, seasonal allergens and other environmental factors are unpredictable, but Dempsey Manor can not assume responsibility nor financial consideration for them either indoors or out.
Weather apparel. In case of inclement weather, please remove shoes, boots,  coats, rain gear, etc., and leave them there to dry in the Hallway located inside the Guest Entrance located at the rear of the mansion, in the Fifth Street driveway.

Smoking of any substance, vaping, and the disposal of smoking materials are strictly prohibited in any area inside or on the grounds of The Manor. Guests who disregard this policy will incur a credit/debit charge of $150 per incident. Guests are free to smoke within their vehicles parked in The Manor's designated parking areas. Cannabis use is not permitted at this facility.
Flammable materials of any kind, including candles, oils. incense, diffusers, or the use of a fireplace are in violation of Insurance Regulations and are strictly prohibited in Guest accommodations.
Alcoholic Beverages. Outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited and may not be brought in or consumed on the property; violations automatically terminate a stay. Refunds cannot be made for Guests violating this policy and are required to leave.

Add-on Amenities. Some purchased add-on amenities need advance notice. Please refer to the description of the desired add-on amenity on our website for the notice required. Changes to add-on amenities are subject to our policy regarding changes to Reservations. Once reserved, in all cases refunds cannot be made for non-cancellable add-on amenities. The non-refundable portion of any amenities booked by Guests cancelling or postponing will be added to any other applicable fees.

Payment for Your Reservation is due in full at the time of booking. Discounts, promotional packages and special offers can be accommodated  at your request only at the time of booking. Payment may be made by check or by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover is accepted). Credit card transactions are subject to a [bank] 3.5% processing fee. Guests who wish to pay by check will be asked to guarantee their Reservations to a credit/debit card at the time of booking. Payment by check must reach us at least 15 business days prior to the arrival date and be made payable to The Dempsey Manor and be fully processed through a bank prior to the Guest(s)’ arrival. Guest(s) whose date of arrival is less than 31 days from the date of their Reservation/booking must pay by credit/debit card on the day of their booking.
On-Line and Third-Party Booking Agencies. Guest(s) who do not choose to book with us  

directly by telephone or email, but choose to book their Reservation on-line via the internet will

be asked in most cases to supply their credit/debit card information. The three digit security code

will not be transmitted to us, and must be provided to us over the telephone by you.

In all cases, no on-line Booking Party, Reservation System, or Agency will ever process your

payment. Using the credit/debit information which you provide the on-line Booking Party,

only the Management of The Dempsey Manor processes your payment to completion.

Agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Booking.com, and all others may

collect some credit card payment information and will transmit this information to The

Dempsey Manor which, alone, is authorized to process and collect payment. Before any refund

due can be processed by The Dempsey Manor, Guests who wish to cancel a reservation made

through an On-Line/Third-Party Booking Agency are required to notify that Booking Agency first

of their wish to cancel.
Cancellations. If it is necessary to cancel Reservation(s), please tell us by telephone or email as

soon as possible. The fee for cancellations received more than 31 days prior to the Guest(s)’ arrival date is $25. If the Reservation was made through a 3rd-party Booking Agency (e.g. Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity, etc.), the person who made the booking must contact the 3rd-party Booking Agency to report the cancellation immediately first. When notice of the cancellation has been sent to us, we can then process the refund. Reservations cancelled 31 or fewer days prior to an arrival date are non-refundable in all cases. The non-refundable portion of any add-on amenities booked by Guests cancelling will be added to the above fees. Refunds cannot be made for early departures or unused services.
Postponements. Reservations may be postponed once, subject to latest prevailing Room rates and the availability of space, for up to one year from Guest(s)’ original arrival date. If postponement is requested more than 31 days prior to Guest(s)’ date of arrival, a $25 fee applies. For postponements made less than 31 days prior to the Guest(s)’ originally-reserved arrival date a fee of 25% of the original Reservation applies. The non-refundable portion of any add-on amenities booked by Guest(s) cancelling or postponing will be added to the above fees. Refunds cannot be made for early departures or unused services.
Gift Certificates must be paid for in full at the time of purchase and are not transferable. Any remaining dollar value exceeding the cost of the named holder's booking will be credited to the holder towards any additional booking up to one year following holder's first redemption and in no case is refundable. Cancellations of Reservations made through Gift Certificates are not refundable. Reservations paid for by Gift Certificates may be postponed once, subject to availability of space and latest prevailing Room rates, and limited to one year from the purchase date of the Gift Certificate. The fee for postponements made less than 31 days prior to the Guest(s)’ originally-reserved arrival date is 25% of the original Reservation value, the remaining value of the certificate will be honored against the amount of a new booking subject to availability of space and latest prevailing Room rates, up to one year from the purchase date of the Gift Certificate. The non-refundable portion of any add-on amenities booked by Guest(s) who are cancelling or postponing will be added to the above fees. Refunds cannot be made for Gift Certificates or any unredeemed amounts.
Changes to Reservations. Subject to latest prevailing Room rates and availability of space, Guest(s) may make later changes to confirmed Reservations to increase the length of stay, reserve additional Rooms, add more Guests per Room, and purchase amenities. The cost of these requested changes to Room(s) Reservations which Guest(s) may later choose to rescind is subject to a $25 fee if notice is given to Management  more than 31 days prior to the Guest(s)’ arrival date; the cost of the above described changes is non-refundable if notice to Management is received 31 or fewer days prior to the arrival date. Refunds cannot be made for early departures, non-cancellable amenities or unused services. 

Other Changes to Reservations. If a Room with a confirmed Reservation should become unavailable because of unforeseeable circumstances [such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other causes for failures or the need to close the Room to occupancy], the Management will endeavor to place the Guest(s) in another available Room or Suite; if a king bed was reserved and a Room or Suite with a queen bed and space for a daybed/rollaway is available, it shall be deemed an acceptable alternate accommodation; shower-tubs or walk-in showers shall be considered equivalent. If Guests(s) are placed in a Room or Suite of lesser cost than what was originally booked, the difference will be refunded to the Guest(s); if Guest(s) are placed in a Room or Suite of greater cost than what was originally booked, the Guest(s) shall receive the upgrade at no additional cost. Unavailability of a confirmed Room or Suite because of unforeseeable circumstances [such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other causes for failures or the need to close the Room to occupancy] shall not be grounds for cancellation of a confirmed Reservation if another Room or Suite meeting the above standards is available upon check-in. Should no other alternative Room or Suite be available at that time, the Management will provide a full refund.

Emergencies. In the event of illness or injury, Guests must inform their hosts immediately. If their hosts deem it necessary, emergency medical personnel will be called and their recommendations regarding treatment and/or transport by ambulance to a medical facility will be followed. Guest(s)’ Reservation & booking constitutes consent to and responsibility for the cost of all ambulance, emergency room, hospital and medical services and physician fees and all other related costs. In all cases, refunds cannot be made for such occurrences. 
Equipment settings. Any and all adjustments to or changes in settings of accessible Dempsey Manor equipment, electrical or mechanical or otherwise, must be performed by Dempsey Manor staff. Please contact our office (616-802-4588) or a Staff member for such assistance.
Media. A Reservation Confirmation and/or a signed Registration Card constitutes consent for Guest(s)’ comments, photographs and other media to be used for Dempsey Manor marketing purposes.
The Dempsey Manor Inn reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion, subject to pertaining anti-discrimination laws, and to modify confirmed and unconfirmed Reservations according to circumstances or contingencies deemed valid by the Management.

Damage. The Inn retains the right to charge Guest(s) the cost of damage, loss and/or replacement to furnishings or facilities, property or structure. Should this loss or damage become known either before or after the Guest(s)’ departure, we reserve the right to charge the Guest(s) checking account/credit-/debit-card without notice.








These 2-minute 'news features' tell the story of The Dempsey Manor BandB Inn, and aired 6-17-2015. Set against a videographed background of the architecture and its interiors, these clips interview both Jim and Jan (your Hosts) and help to fill out the human dimension "about us" -- as the Hosts tell their own stories in their own words.

Honorable James Dempsey

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The Hon. James Dempsey

Lumber Baron, Banker, Manistee-Grand Rapids Railway Owner, Postmaster, and Mayor of Manistee, MI. 

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