A Landmark Destination in Manistee
The Angel Suite
The Dempsey Suite
East Wall of the Grand Foyer
Gentlemen's Parlor under North Tower
The Dempsey Suite
Atrium Uplook
Kelly H of Wichita,an original guest
Lush Gardens
Honeymoon Couple
Your Hosts, Jim & Jan
Sunshine Muffins
Josefina, the 33 year old resident.
Breakfasts to Remember
From Michigan Press Assoc., 1893
A Mansion perfect for Tours & Teas!
Leaded and Lovely
Finishing up the Last Course
A champagne toast: always in order!
A View from the Dining Room
Collage of Selected Art at the Manor
Abigail, Christmas' biggest fan!
Antique Victorian Four Poster
Cook Jan Peterson and Creations
Topping Off the Strata
Porcelain Collection on 2nd Floor
Sitting Room Desk & TV, Grand Suite
Victorian Fr. Neo-Renaissance Manse
Sitting Room under North Tower
Dempsey Suite Door with Tapestry
Antique Canopied 4 Poster circa 1870
"Victorian Couple"on Stair Landing!
Colorful Spread for High Tea!
Rhododendrons in Bloom
A View from the Dining Room
Collage of Period Furniture & Objets
Kristmas is for Kitties, Too!
Jan & Jim at Table
1860s Walnut Bed in Teal Room
Plum Room Corner in Christmas Decor
Matched Oversize Twins in Plum Room
Handpainted Victorian Bed, Sage Room
Has it Risen High Enough to Serve?
High Tea at the Manor
Dining Room, Fireplace, Sitting Area
Atrium Upview from the Grand Foyer
View Down into the Grand Foyer
A Portrait Stairwell and Landing
a Cheery View of the Yellow Room
A View of the Sage Room
Fountain Panorama
Conservatory at 5th Street Entrance
Ladies' Parlor under South Tower
The Mansion in Winter
Cozy and Quiet Library
Gentlemen's Parlor under North Tower
A View of the Grand Foyer
Silver, Crystal, Porcelain & Linens
The Charm of the Yellow Room
The Spacious & Welcoming Yellow Room
The James Dempsey Grand Suite
Plaque- The Dempsey Grand Suite

The Discriminating Traveler's

Premiere Destination in Northwest Michigan

The Dempsey Manor Inn & House Museum

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Come visit us and check out our lovely and quaint comfy Guest Rooms. Each is uniquely decorated with one-of-kind Victorian furnishings and all of the creature comforts demanded by wealth and privilege.



Nestled in the center of the Northwestern Michigan coastline, The Dempsey Museum is perfectly located for celebrating the Major Holidays, a romantic getaway, the weekend break, a leisurely mid-week escape, and all outdoor recreational activities.

The Mansion & Setting


Victorian elegance from a lost age!

Gardens to wander and discover. Authentic antique furnishings to complement the Museum's historic heritage...for romance or relaxation. Come visit us soon!


     Explore the small unchanged Victorian Port City of Manistee...the village town not yet on any beaten path. Dig your toes into clean sugar-fine sand and the warm summer waters of Lake Michigan. Or take an aerial tour of the town and the coastline from Manistee's Blacker Airport (with service to Chicago).

     Four historic walking tours, a floating museum (The SS City of Milwaukee), the famous Ramsdell Opera House (now the Manistee Regional Center for the Arts), the unique grove of California giant sequoias and redwoods at Lake Bluff Center, and of course, the incomparable James Dempsey living Victorian House Museum, where you can spend a night in unequalled comfort -- these historic treasures coupled with every water & outdoor sport and leisure activity under the sun make Manistee YOUR undiscovered country.

Manistee Lighthouse
ATRIUM Uplook at Dempsey Manor 2013.jpg

Looking upward from the western section of the Foyer, into the forty-foot tall staircase- enclosed Atrium.